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Training Plans

We recognize that training for two days of back-to-back races is an unusual task, so we've recruited some help to give our participants some general guidance. Amazing RRCA-certified running coaches have designed training plans specifically for the New Years Double to help you 1) get to the start line injury-free, and 2) finish your race strong.

A BIG Thank You to the coaches who volunteered their time to create these plans.

Plans were designed for the most popular back-to-back race combos:

5K-5K - A Couch2Double5K program you won't find anywhere else!

Half-Half - Coming Soon!

Half-Full - Half Marathon on New Year's Eve, and Full Marathon on New Year's Day. You can adapt this plan to work for Full-Half as well.

Full-Full, Novice - Novice training plan for Double Marathons. While there is nothing novice about completing two back-to-back marathons, this is a lower mileage plan aimed to help experience runners to solely finish the task of 52.4 miles in 2 days.

Full-Full, Intermediate - Intermediate training plan for Double Marathons. A higher mileage plan than the novice plan, this is a great plan geared to those training for 50- or 100-mile races.

Words of Caution

You accept this training plan at your own risk. You understand that any fitness plan should not be undertaken without the guidance and supervision of your doctor. These plans are provided as a tool for general guidance.




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